Favourite Air Max Of All Time

What’s Your Favourite Air Max Model Of ALL Time?

Have your say in the latest Air Max Tings sneaker poll which looks to find your favourite Air Max trainer of all time.

If you’re an avid reader of Air Max Tings, you’ve probably thought about this before but never really given it a concrete answer. It’s like the equivalent of asking what you would eat for your last meal or your favourite song of all time? But what is your favourite Air Max trainer of all time? We’re not talking a specific colourway or collab here we’re simply talking the model. At the end of the day its personal preference. Are you an OG Air Max fan from the early 90s heydays? Do you like full length Air Max sole units? Do you like the more streamlined models? Do you just like a certain style because it looks good? Whatever your own personal preference be sure to have your say below and share with your fellow Air Max aficionados.

We will also be following up with further sneaker polls over the coming months so be sure to keep posted at Air Max Tings to make your vote count!